From evaluations and correspondence

You were able to confirm what many of the Board Members knew, but did not have the confidence or the experience to verbalize. You were able to do all of this in a very diplomatic, non-invasive and non-confrontational manner.”

“The conference participants were very complimentary of your presentation and were very thankful to have the opportunity to participate in your session.”

“I think your visit was a key part of the transition process, and I appreciate all your insights.”

Thanks for your excellent work with our division. Your enthusiasm for the process, your advice, the sharing of your experience and wisdom was invaluable.”

We want to thank you again for your ongoing interest…and counsel.”

“It was great fun to work together. I appreciated your sense of humor and strategic interventions.”

“I really appreciate your professional consulting role in our strategic planning process. You skillfully directed our efforts as a full planning group and then provided very valuable input to (staff) as they prepared the final draft. I think we have a very solid working document. Thanks again for your very able leadership in this process.”

“(Your) careful consideration really adds weight to your recommendations, and will surely give the council a broader perspective of its work as it moves forward with strategic planning.”

“You were great to work with.”

“Your reports, reviews, and participation at meetings have been consistently marked by thoughtful, and thought-provoking, insights, questions, and analyses.”

“WOLF Consulting provided information that allowed us to organize our accreditation preparation program in the most efficient possible way. We think of you as a friend of the Museum.”

Everything met our needs. You were the link and the facilitator to the information we needed. The board greatly appreciated your knowledge and your skill in communicating the information.”

“Art is an excellent facilitator; it was wise to have help from someone from the industry rather than a general strategic planner.”

“Art may be the best facilitator I’ve ever been involved with…both professionally knowledgeable and expert with the running of the meeting.”

“Art Wolf brings relevant, significant and 21st century leadership to his clients. His ability to readily grasp the political, professional, personal and cultural context is quite impressive. As a result I welcomed his engagement with eagerness, trust and confidence.”

“How refreshing it was to work with a committed professional and to receive such valuable feedback from someone who knows.”

“A very detailed report with high quality information. Your evaluation made us feel comfortable in moving forward in the AAM accreditation process. The report gave the Board a much better understanding of the Museum and its status.”

“Your comments are most helpful to us, and we are indeed grateful to have your counsel.”

“Art, thanks for a job well done!”

“You did an excellent job!”

“Thank you for the excellent quality of work and dedication you have shown to us and to the project.”

Your presentation on strategic planning was considered by those who attended it to have been one of the most memorable sessions of the conference.”