Mission, Vision and Values

We assist clients in defining and aligning their missions, visions, and values as the basis for organizing all of their future programs. These are the basics for both new organizations and for older ones that are adapting to new circumstances and opportunities.


We assist clients in developing a strong and effective system for organizing all aspects of museum governance, including charter documents, bylaws, board recruitment and development, meeting organization, policy formation, and processes for decision-making.


Strategic Planning

We assist clients in obtaining objective self-knowledge, defining their challenges, analyzing their opportunities, and creating positive processes for decision-making that will enable them to plan and communicate their vision for the future. Some of the direct benefits of strategic planning are:

  • Focus and reaffirmation of the Mission
  • Definition of a Vision for the future for the benefit of audiences and other stakeholders
  • Review and affirmation of existing or proposed programs
  • Education and involvement of Board, Staff, Volunteers and the Community
  • Definition and prioritization of Goals, Strategic Objectives, and annual Action Plans that are flexible, measurable, achievable, and sustainable

Feasibility Studies

We assist clients by conducting feasibility studies related to proposed programs, projects, or facilities. Applying a thorough research methodology to the parameters established by the client, we provide an objective assessment of the feasibility and/or viability of the project.


Organizational Assessment

We assist clients with organizational assessment that is focused primarily on preparation for national accreditation by the American Association of Museums. Combining aspects of a consultation, a site visit, and the published expectations of the Accreditation Commission, we then provide a written analysis that assesses the current status of the organization, expresses concerns, lists recommendations, and provides conclusions that will guide the institution toward self-improvement and accreditation.

We also assist foundations and other funders with assessments of grantee organizations.

Evaluation and Critiques

We assist clients by evaluating and critiquing their ideas as expressed in proposals and programs, providing an outside perspective and thoughtful insights about quality, relevance, and effectiveness.


Strategies that Build Capacity

We assist clients in planning for both expected and unexpected executive transitions. Working closely with the current executive and the governing body, we assess the potential for development of internal candidates, establish a process to determine the characteristics of an executive to be hired for either an interim or permanent position, outline the options for conducting an executive search, and suggest ways to implement an effective transition for the new executive.

Although most museums put the emphasis on executive transition, succession planning can cover a broad spectrum of strategies that build the overall capacity of the organization. When considered in the context of overall goals and objectives, it can be a positive stimulus for self-assessment, evaluation, personal and organizational development, and continuity for board, staff, and the executive.

Some benefits that can come from succession planning that is tied to a strategic plan can include:

  • Policies and plans for emergency executive transitions
  • Protection against disruptions of business and expenses of recruiting
  • Plans for board recruitment and engagement
  • Personal development and career planning for the executive
  • Identification and development of staff leadership
  • Awareness of functional and social roles and accountabilities
  • Assessment of market competitiveness
  • Plans for executive transition

The process begins with open communication about the need for succession planning as it relates to organizational goals, with a commitment to development of both human and financial capital on a strategic basis.



We assist clients by facilitating the visioning process for exhibit storylines and educational programs, with an eye toward content-laden but broadly accessible themes that express multiple viewpoints.


We assist clients by facilitating the brainstorming process for program, product and funding ideas, with emphasis on potential partners and strategic alliances.


Objective Dialogue

We offer personal coaching and advice to museum directors who want to enhance their effectiveness, create personal development plans, or just need an objective listener for dialogue about ideas they are pondering. Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed.


Public Speaking

We organize, moderate, discuss and present on museum-related topics at professional meetings. We also deliver addresses at luncheons, dinners and annual meetings of museum organizations, service clubs, and foundations on topics ranging from trends in museums and non-profits to current events.


We organize workshops for professional meetings and board and staff retreats, on topics relating to any of our services.