Some Resources for Current Thinking about Museums and Nonprofits
The great thing about the Internet is that there is easy access to a world of information. Here are some good sources for learning and conversation about museum governance and futures:

AASLH – StePs Program | A toolbook for conversation about all aspects of museum governance and management. Basic, but effective.

Association of Tribal Libraries, Archives and Museums (ATALM) | A major resource for tribal cultural organizations and those who work with them.

Board Source | The number one source for information and publications about nonprofit governance.

Center for the Future of Museums at AAM | Weekly blog posts and a link to TrendWatch yearly reports on predictions for the future that will have an impact on museums.

Guidestar | Best way to research funding opportunities as well as competitors. Periodic newsletter with practical advice for boards.

Museum Trustee Association | Another source for information on almost any topic relating to museum governance. A little old-school in its emphasis on managing directors and staff, but still valuable.

Other Blogs: Two young women are leading conversations about modern museums and it is worthwhile to subscribe to their periodic blog posts to really get the pulse of the country.

Know Your Own Bone | Colleen Dilenschneider works with big data and big trends. Her blog is both inspiring and challenging.

Museum 2.0 | Nina Simon is a very perceptive thinker, especially regarding participatory experiences in museums. Her blog is one of the best out there, and has been for the last five years