In 2004, WOLF Consulting was created here in Las Vegas.¬†This practice has allowed me to share my varied experiences for the benefit of museums and cultural organizations who want to examine their operations, assess their readiness for the future, and step confidently ahead from whatever crossroad they encounter. It has been a satisfying journey so far, and I am grateful for the many clients who have put their trust in my ability to listen, learn, teach, and lead them on to better self-understandings and preparedness. I’m also grateful to all the other firms who have worked with me, for me, or as prime contractors over me – the collective wisdom has been astounding!

Arthur H. Wolf, Principal

Arthur H. Wolf dedicated his first career to curatorial and institutional leadership at important regional museums in the Western U.S. including the Museum of the Rockies and The High Desert Museum. He was deeply involved in all aspects of planning, collecting, interpreting, fund raising and building high quality facilities, exhibits and programs, and many of his institutions have been recognized for their excellence and accessibility to audiences of all cultures and ages. In 2004 he created WOLF Consulting based on his 25+ years of experience and service as a respected and trusted museum leader.


Our Core Philosophy

WOLF Consulting employs four basic principles that serve our clients well:

Customized Solutions

We listen. Each engagement is individually tailored to reflect the unique location, size, and history of your organization, and to serve the needs you identify.

High Standards and Best Practices

We believe that what is worth doing is worth doing very well, and approach each project as advocates for the highest standards and best practices in current use by museums and related cultural organizations.

Commitment to Learning and Teaching

We understand that an examined life is worth living, for both individuals and institutions. Our commitment to active learning and teaching inspires our work and enables us to serve you better.

Focused on the West

We know the museums, the land, and the people of the West and are comfortable with the outlook, lifestyles, languages and regional subcultures found here.